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Albare - Beyond Belief

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I am deeply thankful to the amazing talents who’ve contributed to my 15th album. Special appreciation goes to Phil Turcio, my collaborator and friend for over thirty-three years. His piano artistry and compositional skills have deeply enriched this album. Phil Rex, with us since 2013, brings a unique warmth to the bass, vital in realizing these compositions. Pablo Bencid, another member since 2013, is a master on the
drums, driving our music forward.

A warm welcome to Lionel Cole in this album. His distinctive voice, rooted in a family of musical greats, adds a unique touch in the track “I Believe”. Lastly, I am grateful, thank you all the supporters who have been part of my musical journey over the years, from the late Matthias Winkelman at ENJA, who encouraged me to persevere, to all the promoters, radio curators, technical personnel, publicists, and listeners.

We’re all driven by our love for music. There’s nothing more satisfying for me than this. “Beyond Belief” is a collection of beautiful moments that celebrate our human experience, with all its challenges, reminding us to stay connected to the forces of good.

Albert Dadon AM aka Albare

At the heart of “Beyond Belief” lies a theme of exploration and discovery, both within the realms of music and the human experience. Albare uses his guitar voice and compositional collaboration with Phil Turcio who have now worked together for the past thirty years, to guide listeners through a series of soundscapes that are as varied as they are cohesive. The album weaves together a tapestry of influences, from the intricate rhythms of world music to the soul-stirring harmonies of modern jazz, creating a unique sonic palette.

The overarching concept of the album is one of journeying beyond the known and the ordinary. Albare invites listeners to join him in pushing past the limits of belief, exploring new horizons of emotion and expression. Each track contributes to this overarching narrative, offering its own unique flavor and perspective. There’s a sense of introspection and wonder that permeates the album. It’s as if Albare and his comrades – Phil Turcio, Pablo Bencid and Phil Rex – are not just playing music, but also exploring the deeper questions of life, love, and existence. The album’s fusion of different musical elements mirrors the complexity of these themes, creating a rich and multi-layered listening
experience. The one track ‘I Believe’ featuring special guest vocalist Lionel Cole, you feel the voice of Lionel being used like a skilled instrumentalist in the tradition of the likes of the late Al Jarreau.

In “Beyond Belief”, Albare does not just play notes; he tells stories. Stories that resonate with the heart and challenge the mind. The album stands as a testament to the power of music to transcend barriers and speak to the universal
human experience. It’s an invitation to listeners to let go of preconceptions, to open their hearts and minds, and to embark on a journey that goes beyond the realm of belief.

Joe Chindamo



Albare – Guitars, Composer/Producer

Albare is a renowned jazz guitarist whose career spans over four decades, earning acclaim for his unique fusion of contemporary jazz with ethnic influences. Born in Morocco, raised in Israel and France, and based in Australia, Albare’s multicultural background profoundly influences his music.

His discography boasts over a dozen albums, featuring collaborations with prominent musicians like Phil Turcio and Joe Chindamo. Known for his melodic improvisations and fluid style, Albare has performed at prestigious venues worldwide, captivating audiences with his emotional depth and technical prowess. His latest album, “Beyond Belief,” is a testament to his evolving artistry, offering a blend of intricate compositions and soulful rhythms that reflect his journey and mastery in jazz.

Phil Turcio – Pianist Composer Arranger Producer

Phil Turcio’s long-standing collaboration with Albare, spanning over thirty-three years, is a testament to their profound musical synergy. As the co-composer, co-producer, and arranger of Albare’s latest album “Beyond Belief,” Turcio’s contributions are integral to the album’s success.

His deep understanding of Albare’s artistic vision, combined with his own exceptional talents, has resulted in a rich, cohesive sound. Their partnership is marked by a shared passion for exploring new musical landscapes and an unwavering commitment to artistic excellence. Turcio’s role in this collaboration highlights his versatility and creativity, not just as a pianist but also as a composer and producer, capable of crafting deeply resonant and innovative music.

Pablo Bencid – Drums

Pablo Bencid, a highly skilled drummer from Venezuela now based in New York, is renowned for his dynamic and inventive playing style. He has been a pivotal contributor to several of Albare’s albums, showcasing his versatility and rhythmic expertise across a range of musical landscapes.

Bencid’s participation in Albare’s projects, including “The Road Ahead” (2013), “Only Human” (2014), “Dream Time” (2017), “Albare Plays Jobim
Vol 2” (2021), and “Freedom” (2022), as well as the latest album “Beyond Belief,” underscores his significant role in shaping the sound and feel of these works. His ability to blend latin and traditional rhythms as well as contemporary jazz brings a unique energy and depth to each album, making his collaboration with Albare especially noteworthy.

Phil Rex – Bass

Phil Rex, a past student of the late Ray Brown and an exceptionally talented bassist, has been a key contributor to Albare’s music, notably featuring on the “Beyond Belief” album. His collaborations with Albare extend to past albums such as “Dream Time” (2017) and “Freedom” (2022), where his
skillful bass play added depth and resonance.

Since 2013, Rex has been a regular touring member with Albare, bringing his profound musical intuition and impeccable technique to live performances. His ability to seamlessly blend with Albare’s style while adding his unique flair has made him an invaluable part of the ensemble. Rex’s contributions, both in studio recordings and live tours, demonstrate his versatility and commitment to excellence in Jazz.

Lionel Cole – Voice on I believe

Lionel Cole, carrying the legacy of his father Freddy Cole and his uncle, the legendary Nat King Cole, is a distinguished musician in his own right.

Residing primarily in Australia, Lionel has fostered a fruitful collaboration with Albare, becoming a regular guest in his band.

His contribution to Albare’s “Beyond Belief” album is particularly notable in the track “I Believe,” where Lionel’s talent as a lyricist shines through. His ability to craft deeply meaningful and resonant words complements the musical composition beautifully. Lionel’s involvement adds a rich layer of artistry to the album.